UGC to consider Ph.D research period as "teaching experience"

UGC University Grants CommissionNew Delhi: In a circular dated 1 March, 2016, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has directed all universities to start considering the Ph.D research period as equivalent to teaching experience.

To quote the UGC notice, "the period of active service spent on pursuing Research Degree i.e. for acquiring Ph.D degree simultaneously, without taking any kind of leave, may be counted as teaching experience for the purpose of direct recruitment/ promotion to the post of Associate Professor and above."

From what we can infer, this is applicable to those who are already "in service", pursuing part-time Ph.D as it's only them who can pursue their research "simultaneously without taking any leave (which can be academic leave/ lien leave)."

Academia sees this as an effort by the UGC to try fill up vacant posts across India's universities & colleges which ask for at least 2 - 3 years of teaching experience for faculty positions.

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