Valued Epistemics launches GreEdge.com Online test prep Course

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Valued Epistemics launches GREEDGE.com Online test prep Course

Pioneers new era of "Advanced Personalized Learning" in test preparation
Features  Unique "Millisecond Technology" with Intelligent Feedback System to boost scores
Online course facilitating any time anywhere learning

Chennai: Valued Epistemics Pvt. Ltd. today launched GREedge.com, India's first online training for GRE aspirants across the country. The product is a result of thorough research and development since 2005 and has seen 15,000 plus successful candidates passing through its portals in the beta stage on its technology platform Wizdom.in.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Anand Kannan, D, Managing Director, VEPL said "GRE is an online test and we felt the need for the preparation also to be on an online platform, hence "GREedge.com".

"The inherent advantage of an online platform is that students can learn at their own pace and convenience, making it truly an anywhere, anytime learning. This is becoming even more relevant in today's scenario � where the average student spends a lot of time traveling to his college and back or is in a residential school with limited access to quality coaching", he added.

Another key advantage about GREedge.com is that the student counselor understands the time available and the student's specific skills to customize a program which they can easily adhere to.

The Company announced the launch of a unique feature "The Millisecond Technology", a software which captures information on how students answer the questions, analyses the data, and offers them feedback and recommendations to boost their score. This technology is patent pending.

In an online test environment � where every millisecond counts for scoring, this technology plays a crucial role in helping students boost their scores.

Explaining the technology advantage in simple terms, Mr. Yogish Lavanis, Co founder, Director & Head (Student Facilitation), said "There are two aspects to the functioning of Millisecond Technology - data capturing and analysis.  The most important difference is that it does the analysis in real-time".

Every student who enrolls in GREedge.com is assigned an SFA (Student Facilitator and Analyst) who virtually handholds him/her during the entire duration of the preparation for GRE, giving scientific feedback, clearing doubts and apprehensions.

When students log on to GREedge.com and start working on GRE model tests, the Millisecond monitor, which is embedded on the page records the way students select their answers and with the help of predictive analytics technology, the data is "sliced and diced".

The information the SFAs gather about the student's behavior from this process is then crystallized into intelligent feedback on their strengths and weaknesses helping them understand where they are losing time and help them in correcting it.

The promoters see this technology co-existing with and adding tremendous value traditional teaching methods and expect to license this technology for application in a traditional classroom environment, where teachers will use this as a device to assess their students and help prepare them effectively for any competitive exam.

It is estimated that  about 50,000 applicants take GRE in India and about 5,00,000 students appear for the GRE throughout the world every year.

Students interested in this online training for GRE can directly go to www.greedge.com or for more information email: info@greedge.com.

About VEPL
The company was founded by Dr. Anand Kannan & Mr. Yogish Lavanis and a professional team with strong academic background from institutions such as IIT, IISc, IT-BHU, CIEFL(now EFLU), Stanford, U. Texas and  Purdue - most of whom have themselves written GRE and worked through their graduate studies and research in the US.

The company has several experts and experienced teachers and subject experts who have been involved in GRE training, GRE coaching and GRE, GMAT, SAT classes for over two decades.

The company employs experienced authors and instruction designers who have authored several widely used textbooks at school and college level and communication campaigns for leading organizations. The company also has a core team of dedicated technology experts specializing in the delivery and tracking of learning.

Adaptive Learning was invented here with a patent pending for its "Millisecond Technology" � as it is now branded. GREEDGE's student facilitators are the best and the brightest and diligently assess, track and advice students as they work through their sessions.
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