1.02 crore i.e 8.5 lakh monthly salary being offered to an FMS, Delhi MBA student!

FMS delhi 1.02 crore job offerCan you imagine getting an annual salary that looks like this - Rs. 1,02,00,000? While you're busy calculating the number of zeroes in that figure, let us inform you that it translates to a monthly salary of Rs.8.5 lakh! Well, an MBA graduate from Delhi University's Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), has walked away with this amount as his annual salary for an international job offer last week.

Meanwhile, the highest domestic job offer that FMS received this year was for Rs.66 lakh which is significantly higher than last year's highest domestic salary (Rs.35 lakh.) The average salary for the B-school has also increased by a good percentage (20%) this year.

FMS Delhi has the one of the lowest tuition fees across India for an MBA program (approx. Rs.10,000 per year), making it a B-school with the highest ROI (return on investment.)

This is the latest big offer that a student from a Delhi college is receiving. Barely two weeks ago, Rhea Grover, a B.Com (Hons) student of LSR college bagged a Rs.29 lakh offer from EY Parthenon. November last year saw Chetan Kakkar of Delhi Technological University (DTU) get a whopping Rs.1.25 crore job offer from Google.

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